Vol. 17, No. 17 A Newspaper of General Circulation April 25, 2017
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'Text-to-give' campaign to support Kansas firefighters
A phone company is sponsoring a text-to-give campaign to support contributions to the Kansas State Firefighters Association.  
The AT&T campaign is meant to give financial aid to rural fire departments struggling with resources and staffing after the wildfires in western Kansas.  
Customers can make a $10 donation to the association by texting ``WILDFIRES'' to 80077. Those donations are added to customers' monthly bills.  
AT&T spokesman Chris Lester says it's not uncommon for text-to-give campaigns to pop up when there's a need for aid after major public safety issue.  
AT&T Kansas President Mike Scott says it's times like the wildfires ``that test our resolve, resilience and strength as individuals and as a community. Kansans come through for each other in times of need.'' ľAP  
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