Vol. 17, No. 50 A Newspaper of General Circulation December 12, 2017
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University of Kansas installs giant fossils in new building
Replicas of two fossilized Cretaceous-period reptiles were installed into the University of Kansas’s new geology building.  
Giant replicas of a mosasaur and a Cretaceous-era sea turtle were hung from the atrium ceiling of the university’s $78.5 million Earth, Energy and Environment Center on Nov. 29. The center will open in January.  
The replicas recreate a scene that could have occurred 80 million years ago near campus. The mosasaur’s fossil casts dive headfirst toward the protostega, an ancestor of green sea turtles.  
The original skeletons were both found in Kansas. The mosasaur was uncovered in Logan County in 1911. The protostega was recovered near Quinter in 2011.  
University officials say the replicas will be visible from the building’s exterior and show visitors what the department is about. –AP  
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