Vol. 18, No. 25 A Newspaper of General Circulation June 19, 2018
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Study says Kansas 4th-best for aerospace industry
A study commissioned by the state of Washington says that state is the most competitive for aerospace manufacturing. Kansas came in fourth, behind Ohio and North Carolina.  
The study measured key factors such as electricity costs, the percentage of state residents with engineering degrees – “anything that could be quantified” – using public and government sources. The report was written by Richard Aboulafia, an aerospace-industry analyst.  
The study found that the four states are “the most competitive environments for the manufacture of aerospace equipment.”  
“This isn’t a close call,” Gov. Jay Inslee said at a news conference.  
The report was commissioned by the governor’s Choose Washington New Middle-Market Airplane Council, which hopes to convince the Chicago-based Boeing Co. that the best place to build its next passenger airplane model is in Washington.  
In a statement, Boeing said it was “premature to provide comment at this time as we have not begun the formal process of site selection for the New Mid-Market Airplane.”  
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