Vol. 18, No. 46 A Newspaper of General Circulation November 13, 2018
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Small business hiring was up in October
A report from payroll company ADP counted 29,000 new jobs at its small business customers, those with up to 49 staffers, in October. ADP downwardly revised its September count, to 43,000 from the originally reported 56,000 jobs. In August, 21,000 new jobs were tallied.  
Small business hiring is lagging behind job growth at larger companies. ADP counted 227,000 new jobs at its business customers overall during October.  
Economists have said small businesses are hampered by a dearth of qualified candidates for open positions. Company owners are also being cautious about taking on the added expenses and risks that come with expanding their staffs, a trend that began with the recession. Rising interest rates may also be a factor.  
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